COP26 Outcomes: Selection of Webinars Summing It All Up

With dozens of events and negotiating sessions happening at any one time during the two weeks of the climate talks in Glasgow, it can be challenging to keep up with all the details. Check what experts are saying about the key outcomes of COP26. Note that this page will be updated as more online events analysing results of the negotiations are taking place in the coming weeks.

Key Outcomes of the Negotiations

“Recap of COP26 Key Outcomes and What Comes Next” by Environmental and Energy Study Institute – EESI

The briefing reviewed the key outcomes of COP26 and provided context and nuance to the main headlines coming out of the meeting. Panelists dove into takeaways from international, private sector, and local government perspectives.

“COP26 Outcomes: Review and Analysis” by Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy and Environmental the Policy & Culture Program at Northwestern University

This webinar served as a post COP26 roundup in which a panel of experts reflected on their biggest takeaways from the event, including components of carbon removal where relevant. The discussion focused on a number of topics including main outcomes, UNFCCC processes, international climate politics, nature-based solutions, industrial decarbonization, and concerns for environmental NGOs.

European Climate Policy

“After COP26: where do we go from here?” by European Policy Centre

COP26 was seen as the occasion for the international community to step up their efforts on such issues as national emissions reduction targets, the phasing out of coal, climate financing, and carbon markets. This Policy Briefing discussed the outcomes of COP26, how far they match ambitions and expectations, the role of the EU in the negotiations and next steps.

Implications for business and finance

“Delivering the Climate Transition: Implications of COP26 for finance” by Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership – CISL

At the end of COP26, this CISL event captured the key messages, insights and actions from the summit, and explored implications for business and the finance industry. Bringing together experts in climate science and policy, business and finance, this event showcased reflections and discussions on the key topics emerging from COP26 and how to address the challenges of the coming years.

Sustainable Development

“COP26 debrief: where do we go from here?” by International Institute for Environment and Development – IIED

This event reflected on the outcomes of COP26 and how they responded to the priorities of the 46 least developed countries (LDCs).

There is much more than this. Keep checking for updates!